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Yoga for Every-Body

We want everyone to feel welcome joining a class with us; especially if you are feeling anxious, nervous, or intimidated about trying yoga for the first time. Our classes are beginner friendly, and suitable for all body types and ages. You are not expected to be flexible, balanced, or strong to start yoga. Instead, these are the benefits you’ll gain with a regular practice; and we encourage you to take it slow, listen to your body, and feel good!

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Studio & Virtual Classes

We provide the option for you to take a group class at the studio, or you can join us virtually from the comfort of your home. While we would love to see you in person, we understand that might not always be possible. When you take a look at our weekly schedule, you will see the classes listed as Studio or Virtual; simply select which option you like,and click on the Book Now button to sign up. Please bring your own yoga mat to class.

Class Fees

If you are a new student with us, we offer a discounted rate for your First Month of Unlimited classes. This gives you the chance to try a variety of classes within a 30-day period.  The 30-days begin on the day of your first class, and you are welcome to attend as many classes as you like on a daily or weekly basis; it truly is unlimited!

Then, if you decide to remain a part of our yoga family, you can continue with one of our monthly unlimited offerings, or choose from a set number of class packages.

Upcoming Yoga Classes