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Looking for a comfortable place to experience yoga for the first time, or deepen your current practice? We offer a wide variety of classes that focus on yoga posture basics, breathing techniques, and guided meditation to let go of daily stress, and live more mindfully in the moment.

Many enjoy our smaller class sizes, allowing them to feel relaxed and comfortable, especially if trying yoga for the first time. We feature authentic Hatha-Yoga that is gentle and safe, and provides many health benefits such as improved flexibility, muscular tone, reduced stress, and a positive mindset.  No experience is necessary, just a willingness to feel your best!

If you are interested in youth, tween, or teen yoga/mindfulness, please visit our YOUTH CLASSES page to see a complete list/description of our Mini-Courses and Workshops that combine yoga & mindfulness to improve focus, reduce anxiety or stress, and  boost self-esteem.

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90-Days Unlimited/$288  
($12/class if 2x week, $8/class if 3x week)  **Best Value**

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