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We are now offering Live classes! Scroll below to Sign Up for any class!  Then, in the details/description of the class, there is a link to copy/paste to your browser for joining when the class goes Live. 

YOGA CLASSES: Our studio offers a relaxed space with comfortable class sizes providing yoga for all ages and abilities who may be in need of a practice that focuses on the benefits of stress reduction, mental health, hormonal balance, and pain relief.  No strenuous, or intimidating classes here.  Just come as you are and be yourself.  We welcome beginners and seniors!

WORKSHOPS: Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see our monthly workshop listing for Yoga and Mindfulness. These offer focused teachings on particular topics.

MINDFULNESS:  We offer opportunities to learn and practice mindfulness with adult Unplug Classes, Courses (see below), Private Instruction,  and Personal Mindfulness Coaching (see Private Sessions page).  Mindfulness is beneficial for all ages, therefore youth sessions are also available.  Please see the Youth page for more details.   

Group Classes Schedule




(30 days unlimited classes!)


4-Class Package/$78

8-Class Package/$138   

30-Days Unlimited/$108  
($13.50/class if 2x week, $9/class if 3x week)

90-Days Unlimited/$288  
($12/class if 2x week, $8/class if 3x week)  **Best Value**

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4 Classes-Mindfulness / $72 

8 Classes-Mindfulness / $126


Trial Class / $20