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MaryAnn Desapio, Gigong Practitioner

MaryAnn is the founder of Angel Essence Qigong, and has trained with many masters and teachers. She discovered that when energy blockages are removed, and the body can balance itself, then health for the mind, body, and spirit are restored.

MaryAnn has been a certified educator for decades,  and has presented at many events. She is an energy work practitioner of Spring Forest Qigong, a Reiki Master, uses Angel and gemstone therapy, IET, EFT, and Brain Gym. She studied brain based learning with specific training in brain neuroplasticity, and she is a member of the Qigong Institute.  

She teaches weekly Qigong classes at eZential Wellness and offers individual sessions by appointment.

All health issues can benefit from a private Qigong session by using light touch or no touch, to balance energy. Qigong has a positive effect on stress, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, pre/post-surgery, autism spectrum, cancer, trauma, brain injury, physical or verbal abuse, and persons or pets in their last stages of life.

Benefits of Qigong

Qigong was developed thousands of years ago in China as part of the ancient healing methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qigong is an easy and adaptable practice that anyone can do, with powerful benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. A variety of movements, breath exercises, and visualization are used to balance the body’s energy known as “qi”. Many of our personal habits and experiences can shift our body out of balance as we go throughout life. Qigong is a gentle way to make us feel whole, healthy, and vibrant again!

See our workshops and weekly class below!

Weekly Qigong Class

Qigong for Wellness

Class on hold-TBD

Experience the power of moving energy through your body. “Qi” is the vital life force within each of us. “Gong” is working with the energy through mind, body, and spirit.

In this class, specific exercises and activities will be practiced to ease mobility, help diminish discomfort, strengthen balance, improve mental clarity, and help find more peace and less stress. Detox exercises will also help the energy move through the body easier.  All can be done at your own pace with ease.  You can do these movements while standing, sitting, or lying down. (We are handicap and wheelchair accessible if needed)

Upcoming Qigong Workshops

Brazilian Toe Technique

Sunday, February 4, 2024
1:00pm – 3:00pm
$35/person, or $55/couple

Learn gentle acupressure point exercises for those going through cancer treatment and needing to de-stress and discover a powerful method to detox without unwanted side-effects. Originating in Brazil, these methods are used in hospitals, and was introduced to Johns Hopkins Cancer Center as a complementary therapy to cancer treatments.  They are safe, and unbelievably relaxing exercises! Great to do with a partner on a regular basis to detox. Empower yourself with these exercises and share with others.