Testimonials for eZential Wellness 

Read what our clients have to say about our services at eZential Wellness! 

The center is a beautiful place.  You have done a great job with it!!  I really enjoy the classes. ~J.G.

Ezential Wellness is a very welcoming center.  The instructors are knowledgeable and while demonstrating the poses, they suggest modifications and encourage everyone to do the pose to their own capabilities.  The nutritional counseling is also outstanding.  She tailors her advice to the client’s lifestyle and goals leading to a plan of action that is more likely to be continued long after the counseling sessions are completed. ~J.S.

Since joining Ezential Wellness, I no longer have unexplained severe back pains and I no longer need to wear a knee brace. The space is relaxing and beautifully arranged for yoga, meditation, and other classes.  In addition, the knowledge of healthful advice has helped me to quickly tend to my health as well as my granddaughter's. ~H.D.

Lori's classes are absolutely amazing,  I have taken many yoga classes over a period of 40 years, & Lori's are the best by far!  She takes her time and explains the poses and the benefits. She has compassion and kindness. ~G. A.

Thanks to the spinal health class, my back feels better than it has in years! The class is held in a serene, beautiful room and the instruction is perfect. I always leave the class feeling calm and refreshed. ~P. B.

I find my yoga classes  at this studio both relaxing and energizing, especially with my busy schedule and stress at work.  I really miss my the practice when I cannot go, but It is that same schedule that makes it sometimes hard to find time to get to devote to myself.  Luckily I am always able to find a class on Saturday or in the evenings that fits my schedule and I always feel very welcome. ~T. K.

I have been taking yoga classes from Lori for 10 years now.  I never thought I’d be such a fan.  The benefits of yoga in my life have been beyond compare.  Stretching and maintaining strength and flexibility have been most important for me.  But the meditation aspect is just as essential, the ability to relax my mind and clear my head.  And as I get older, I rely on yoga more and more.  I give Lori a lot of credit for making me a believer!  She’s a great teacher, and she has created a welcoming cheerful and calming environment at the Yoga Center – her classes are a good blend of workout and relaxation…  I always leave with a peaceful, happy vibe.
~J. C.

I began practicing yoga 8 years ago with Lori as my instructor and she made me comfortable as a newbie. I am always made to feel comfortable within the group and have found a class suited to my ability.  I look forward to each session. I still make mistakes, but nobody notices. I always leave feeling better.  ~G. S.

I was always curious about whether yoga would be something for me as I am not in the best of physical shape. I signed up for the Thursday night men’s class and was delighted by the experience.

Our instructor Deepak, is wonderful . We are “guided” through our session and all the positions are explained simply and easy to follow.  We are reminded to perform to the best of our abilities and never feel pressured to be “perfect”. I always have a great sensation of exhilaration after the class and a good sense of accomplishment as I can do more each week.I recently signed up for an additional 10 sessions. ~R.G.