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Feng Shui

Lori Arrechea, Certified Feng Shui Consultant

Lori has always loved decorating and organizing. Growing up in a military family, she spent her formative years moving, and living in a new home every few years. Her bedroom became her haven, and she was able to make each new place feel comfortable.

Lori is also a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, in which she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Fashions and Marketing. She worked for many years in home product development as a liaison between buyers and designers for department stores throughout the country. This gave her the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Asia and Europe, developing a variety of home fashions and products.

For the last 20 years, Lori has been teaching Yoga and is a Reiki Master. She is the owner of eZential Wellness, and has made her studio feel very welcoming to all who visit. Lori can sense the energy of a living space, and visually modify the placement and decor so it feels inviting and promotes a sense of wellness. Many who enter the studio say “the energy feels so good here”!

Basic Principles of Feng Shui

Feng Shui translates to “wind-water” and refers to the ancient Chinese practice of adapting our living spaces to the flow of energy known as chi, so that we live in harmony with the natural world around us. By implementing the concepts of Tao or “the way of the universe”,  Yin and Yang which are complementary opposites, and the Five Element Theory using metal, wood, water, fire, and earth; we can adapt our living space to feel good and promote balance in all areas of our life. 

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Tween Girls (10-12)

Learn to Stand Strong with confidence as they navigate the social challenges of intermediate/middle school. They discover how yoga & mindfulness practices can build physical strength and flexibility, as well as calm their nerves, settle their mind, relax their body, and help manage their emotions. The girls enjoy yoga, partner poses, mat chats (short mindful lessons), brief meditations, mantras, and breath exercises throughout each class. (Girls ages 10-12).

Tween Boys (10-12)

Learn how yoga & mindfulness practices can help them to be Fit, Focused & Chill just like the athletes they admire. Boys face the same social challenges as girls at this age, yet they respond differently. With this course, the boys will learn how taking a mindful pause can help them make good choices, manage impulses, calm nerves, sustain attention, and not be so hard on themselves. Through fun movement games, obstacle courses, yoga, mindful moment practices, and breath exercises, the boys gain confidence and build resiliency. (Boys ages 10-12)

Fit Focused Chill
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Yoga for Youth with Diverse Abilities

Youth with diverse abilities can benefit from learning and practicing yoga. These practices provide a fun and engaging way to help youth with a variety of diagnosis and developmental delays (such as: ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, and Down Syndrome), to improve body awareness, physical and mental strength, and their ability to balance emotions. A family member may assist/participate, allowing for an opportunity to incorporate partner poses and games as well.

Contact Maria Usewick at with questions, or to schedule a session, visit our Private Sessions page.

Yoga Birthday Parties

We offer Yoga Birthday Parties for youth, tweens and teens! Celebrate your special day with a custom yoga party. Depending on age, the package may be designed to include:

We will provide the space, organize the schedule, supplies for craft & activities, and facilitate the yoga session and games. (Total time 90 min).

You are welcome to add an additional 30 minutes for food and drink in our front lobby. Set up, decorations, food and drink is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. (Total time 30 min).

$150: 90 minute session (no food/drink) / $200: 2 hour session (with food/drink).

Maximum participants: 15 (including the birthday child).
Please email or call to Reserve: (908) 526-0002

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